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School cancelled tomorrow

Decaturish updates

School cancelled tomorrow


Icon_SchoolsCity Schools of Decatur has just announced that classes will be cancelled tomorrow, Jan. 30, due to icy road conditions as a result of yesterday’s snow storm.

The school system said on its Facebook page, “We are so grateful that all our students made it home safely yesterday! Thank you to all the faculty, staff and parents who helped make that possible. Please stay safe and warm!”

Atlanta Public Schools, DeKalb County Schools and Fulton County Schools will also be closed tomorrow, Jan. 30.

Fulton County Schools Superintendent Robert Avossa wrote a letter saying the school system would learn from its mistakes. Fulton County Schools became a refuge for stranded students and motorists stuck on local highways.  Avossa said the storm came faster than expected and caught officials there by surprise.

“Parents and staff have suggested that school should’ve been called off sooner; however, this may not have changed the outcome since several surrounding school systems did that but still experienced similar problems,” Avossa wrote. “We were not alone, and we’ve learned that our region needs more coordinated strategies to release people from work, schools, etc. so traffic doesn’t gridlock and delay our travels home. I am committed to learning from this so we make better, timelier decisions. I’m a parent of two small children, and I care about the troubles many of our families went through. I’ve directed district staff to review the processes and procedures for how we make decisions and share emergency notifications so we can make adjustments and improvements. We would never intentionally put our students, staff and parents in harm’s way. I’m truly sorry for the inconveniences our families have faced and also for the distress they experienced.”

To read Avossa’s full letter, click here.