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Snowmageddon 2014: How Decatur Police handled it


Snowmageddon 2014: How Decatur Police handled it



Policemen and firefighters had a tough couple of days as a snow storm overwhelmed metro Atlanta.

Even when chaos was unfolding around us yesterday, Decatur Police still had to answer calls about the routine crime that they deal with. Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross provided a summary of what the last two days have looked like, from DPD’s perspective.

According to Sgt. Ross, as of 3 pm today police officers handled:

– 17 motorist assist calls

– 16 courtesy transports

–  9 vehicle accidents

– Conducted 23 welfare checks

“Police and fire personnel have also conducted 62 checks on seniors in the community and continue to do so,” Ross said.

Decatur dispatch received 300 incoming calls.  She said there are snow chains on 11 police vehicles and officers are out on patrol.

Two residents on the 700 block of Atlanta Avenue reported that someone broke into their vehicles last night.

“In both cases there was damage to the ignitions indicating an attempt to steal the vehicles,” Ross said. “A cell phone and set of gloves was taken from one of the vehicles.”

Ross said some of the officers working the day shift yesterday stayed on through the night. Officers who worked the day shift today came in at 3 am to provide “overlapping coverage.”

“We had command staff and officers that could not make it home late last night stay at a hotel and in the office,” Ross said. “Officers that lived nearby were transported home or picked-up.  Court personnel had to be transported to/from home to handle hearings at the jail.”

Ross urged residents to stay off the roads tonight. The roads will freeze and police officers are busy enough as it is.

Check on your neighbors, especially seniors. If you need to get in touch with Decatur Police, call 404/373-6551

Thanks to Sgt. Ross for the updates and thanks to Decatur Police Officers – all police officers and firefighters, really – for all that you are doing and continue to do.