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Crime – Zone 6 stats for January

Kirkwood and East Lake

Crime – Zone 6 stats for January


Editor’s note: Maj. Tim Peek called and questioned the accuracy of our original headline. After talking with him, we’ve changed it clarify our reporting on this topic. 

Crime in Atlanta Police Zone 6, which includes Kirkwood, trended downward in the month of January, but robberies increased during the week of Jan. 19.

There were six robberies the week of Jan. 19, representing a 50 percent increase over the same week in the prior year, APD records show. Maj. Timothy Peek pointed out that robberies year to date for that week – meaning the robberies for all the days and weeks prior – had decreased by 43 percent.

Aggravated assaults increased by 100 percent the week of Jan. 19, with eight recorded compared to four during the same week in 2013. Year to date, there was no increase or decrease. Burglaries also increased by 80 percent that week. Year to date, that was an 8 percent increase in the amount of burglaries for the first four weeks of 2013.

Peek said Zone 6 will soon release statistics for the last week in January.

Total Part 1 offenses, the crimes like murder, robbery, rape and burglary that are most likely to be reported to police, were down overall for each week.

Here are the numbers, provided by APD (click on each image to enlarge).

Zone 6 week 1

Zone 6 Week 2

Zone 6 Week 3

Zone 6 Week 4