Higher Learning – Under bill, Emory could grow pot

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 26, 2014
Matheson Reading Room at Emory University. Source: Wikimedia commons

Matheson Reading Room at Emory University.  Source: Wikimedia commons

A bill that would allow for medical marijuana in Georgia has an interesting twist.

State House Bill 885, which today passed its first vote in the General Assembly, would allow for some colleges to grow the medical grade cannabis, including Emory University. The Associated Press article on the bill notes that participation in the program would be entirely voluntary, but added it would be, like, so awesome if Emory volunteered and stuff.

To read the full Associated Press article, click here.

The Macon, Ga. Telegraph has the straight dope on the bill’s approval by a voice vote of the¬†House Health and Human Services Committee. To read the full article from The Telegraph, click here.

The medical marijuana bill is a change of pace for this year’s General Assembly, a body that has tended to shy away from legislation that’s not utterly insane.

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