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By inches – The snow washes away

D'ish Kirkwood and East Lake

By inches – The snow washes away

FilA user submitted photo of ice build up after the Feb. 11, 2014 snow storm.

The snow was not quite gone this morning. I realized this when I slipped and fell down in my driveway on my way out to the Decatur School Board meeting.

There was still plenty of ice. But much of it is gone now, and please, don’t come back.

I received some additional snow photos that I wanted to share with you.

Sonya in Kirkwood submitted this photo:


Heide Newton, a Decatur resident, sent along this photo and said, “By 11:30 am, it was clear we had to ‘help’ the ice melt on our driveway by breaking it up. While we knew we had some pretty thick ice develop, but who knew it was 7 inches thick! We managed to break it up somewhat, but we still can’t get the car out of the garage. Maybe tomorrow. Luckily we are stocked up on wine!”


Pam Martin sent these photos along.

Flamingos (2)

Girl Reading 2 (2)

And lastly, here’s a short video I shot on Feb. 13 of the snow melting along West Howard.

I have a new assignment for everyone. Get me some pictures of spring weather!