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Mail thefts reported


Mail thefts reported


Icon_PoliceIt looks like there is still a problem with mail thefts in the city of Decatur.

Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross sent out an alert this afternoon about mail thefts that occurred overnight on Oak Lane, Glendale Avenue, Sycamore Street and West Pharr Road.

“Complainants have reported their mail being found strewn on the ground and in bushes,” Ross said. “In one case, the complainant retrieved their mail this morning and discovered an empty package, which contained a small jewelry item, left behind. At this time, no other items have been reported missing.”

Ross and other police officers advise people to “promptly remove mail from your mailbox” after it gets delivered. People who discover that their mail has been stolen should call police immediately, and they should call police if they notice people in the neighborhood walking up to multiple mailboxes. Ross said police need a description of that person and the direction the person is headed.

There were a rash of mail thefts in the Lenox Place neighborhood reported last month.