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Safety first – Avondale Estates gets ready for storm

Avondale Estates

Safety first – Avondale Estates gets ready for storm


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Avondale Estates City Hall will be open on Wednesday, Feb. 12, Mayor Ed Rieker says.

The city announced via its Twitter feed that Wednesday recycling is delayed until next week and Thursday garbage pickup will be delayed until Friday. The city staff will be prepared to respond to any emergencies that might come up.

Rieker sent over a list of the city’s supplies and storm preparations that was written by City Manager Clai Brown. The email was distributed to the mayor and city commissioners on Feb. 11.

Brown wrote:

After the last storm (two weeks ago) most of the materials used to treat the streets were depleted. Staff did not waste any time in replenishing those materials. We immediately ordered new materials and have received three deliveries with the last expected this morning. This gives us approximate 52 tons of salt/sand mix to treat the roads if needed. Our Emergency Management Committee met late yesterday afternoon to finalize details in preparation of the storm. Here are some of the items but not limited to that are in place:

– 52 tons of salt/sand on hand

– Bobcat delivered

Chains are on police vehicles and public works vehicles

– Public Works associates spending the night

– Extra Police Officers called in and spending the night

– All vehicles are full of gas

– Trash scheduled was changed and associates worked late to collect entire City on Monday

– Chain saws are gassed with extra chains in case of down trees/limbs

– 4-way stop signs/barricades/safety cones are ready in case of power outage/down trees

– City Hall is command center. Generator has been tested and fuel added

– Bottled water purchased

– E-news sent to all residents and business owners Monday morning

– Same e-news posted on Facebook and Nextdoor

– E-news sent to all residents and posted on Nextdoor to notify City Hall if an elderly or special needs person is living alone for the City to monitor their well-being. A list is being compiled and staff will check-in on the resident.

– Communications made to the DeKalb Emergency Management Agency (DEMA)

– Tree contractors notified in case of emergency of down trees

The city is also offering check-ins on elderly residents during the weather. If you know of anyone that the city should check up on, email [email protected] and copy Administrative Assistant Karen Holmes [email protected] with the following information: resident’s name, address, phone number and any special needs that they may have.

“City staff will call and check-in on the resident, or in case of a power outage, will attempt to visit them in person,” an email from the city says.

Rieker added, “Everyone should stay home tomorrow and work on their favorite hobby.”

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article contained incorrect information due to a miscommunication with the city. Avondale Estates City Hall will be open tomorrow, but court on Thursday has been cancelled and rescheduled. This article has been updated to correct the previous error.