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Snow photos – Is it still cold? Dang.


Snow photos – Is it still cold? Dang.


We had so many snow photos yesterday that we simply couldn’t get to them all. But I’d like to lead off not with a photo, but with this video of someone flying his drone around Decatur and filming everything.

That’s the coolest, most unsettling thing I’ve seen this week. Thanks for sharing. I’m closing my windows now.

In other photos, Lindsay Mahaffey O’Dell says this is the  western view from 715 E Ponce de Leon Ave. “If you look closely you’ll notice the ‘renewal’ sign in our neighbor’s yard.”


Mitsuko Ito sent this one of two boys snow boarding with sleds.


Ryan L. Wilson, ever the romantic, took these photos while he was out and about with his girlfriend yesterday.



Local photographer Joseph Aczel sent along these awesome photos,too!

Joseph 6

Joseph 7

Joseph 8

Joseph 9






Chris Billingsley sent this photo, saying, “Pictured are three City of Decatur vehicles making sure Commerce Street remains clear.”

Clearing Commerce


Also from Chris: flags flying in the Decatur Cemetery

Also from Chris: flags flying in the Decatur Cemetery

Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross sent these photos that one of the department’s investigators took before 8 am today.

Investigator Courthouse

DeKalb Police Memorial  (2)


Lilia Ramirez sent these photos taken by her daughter, an amateur photographer who is a sixth grader at Renfroe Middle School. Very cool.




Great stuff. If you have a photo you’d like to send, email it to dwhisenhunt@gmail.com or decaturish@gmail.com

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