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‘Undefeated’ – Wilson talks life after coaching


‘Undefeated’ – Wilson talks life after coaching


City_Schools_of_Decatur_LogoCity Schools of Decatur Athletic Director Carter Wilson recently sat down for an interview with Georgiastatesports.com and reminisced about his time coaching at GSU.

Wilson hasn’t coached since 2010 when he was the basketball coach at Decatur High. Wilson has had a storied career. He was an assistant coach of the 1990-1991 GSU basketball team when the school made its first appearance in the NCAA tournament. He later served as head coach.

“Now I have an opportunity to sit back and watch everybody else,” Carter said in the interview, reflecting on his life after coaching. “Since 2010 I am undefeated.”

Carter’s son, Nic, plays baseball for GSU.

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