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(Video) Rodent sees shadow

D'ish Decatur

(Video) Rodent sees shadow


GPIGTired of winter?

Frank the Guinea Pig has some bad news about that. It’s Groundhog Day, but Decatur has its own furry prognosticator. He’s not a Groundhog, but has just as much credibility as one.

As first mentioned by Decatur Metro, Decatur resident Lori took Frank to Decatur Square and let him poke his head out of his cage.

I’ll let Lori and Frank take it from here.

More winter? Um, no thanks. Forgive me, but I find this whole situation a little dubious. What qualifications does Frank hold again? As long as we’re switching up animals, I’m going to ask my cat.


Me: Hey Donovan?

Donovan: Yeah?

Me: Is it going to be six more weeks of winter?

Donovan: Maybe.

Me: What do you mean maybe?

Donovan: My food bowl is empty.

Me: What does that have to do with anything?

Donovan: My food bowl is empty. I’m destroying something you care about until this situation is resolved.

Me: I have to go now