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Work session – Avondale fixes law, talks tickets

Avondale Estates

Work session – Avondale fixes law, talks tickets

Photo obtained via the city of Avondale Estates website.


Avondale Estates city commissioners broke out of their regular work session on Thursday evening, Feb. 20, to fix a mistake.

Commissioners passed an ordinance on Jan. 27 allowing for homebrew beer competitions in the city, but there were some errors in the wording. Commissioners voted Thursday to correct the language in the law. The city initially set a permit fee of $250, but state law that caps the fee at $50. The city also amended the law to prohibit holding the competitions in venues that are “otherwise licensed for the production or sale of alcoholic beverages.

The city approved the ordinance after the final reading  on Feb. 24.

During their work session, commissioners discussed amending the city’s 2013 budget to account for unanticipated expenses. One of those expenses has to do with the city’s traffic court. Traffic court revenues were $151,000 less than expected, due to the inability of people to pay their fines and because the city has been without a traffic cop for three months.

Mayor Ed Rieker said that the budget reflects the revenues the city collected in prior years.

“That’s not a number we expect in terms of revenue,” Rieker said. ” … This number we have to stick in there to understand what our costs might be. It’s not a judgement in terms of a good thing for performance.”

At the end of the work session, City Commissioners voted to go into a closed-door executive meeting to discuss the city manager’s contract.