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Yoink! More mail thefts reported in Decatur


Yoink! More mail thefts reported in Decatur

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt


Decatur Deputy Police Chief Keith Lee is reporting that two more mail thefts have occurred in Decatur.

Both thefts occurred on Lockwood Terrace on Feb. 13.

Lee said that Feb. 14, an officer responded to a call about stolen mail. The victim said that on Feb. 13, at 8 pm his wife put an envelope containing a $700 personal check in the mailbox. On Feb. 14, Wells Fargo called him and said someone was attempting to cash one of his checks. The employee told the victim that the suspect was at a branch in Gwinnett County, but wouldn’t give the victim any other details over the phone.

On Feb. 19, at 8 am, a Decatur Police officer responded to a call about stolen mail. The officer met with the victim, who said that on Feb. 13 at 5 pm, she put two letters in her mailbox and put the flag up. The mail contained a personal check made out to the IRS and had an information sheet for her insurance company. The victim said on Feb. 18 at 1 pm, her mom received a call from the bank. The bank employee told her mom that someone attempted forgery using her daughter’s account information. The bank employee said that a suspect tried to cash a $600 check at the bank’s Alpharetta branch. When the bank employee asked for the suspect’s ID, he took the check back and left. The victim closed the bank account.

On Feb. 7, Decatur Police announced the arrest of juveniles suspected of stealing mail in the Lenox Place, Oakhurst and Winnona Park neighborhoods.

Stealing mail in Decatur remains a popular trade for criminals.