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Zone 6 – Boyfriend stabs girlfriend in the neck

Kirkwood and East Lake Metro ATL

Zone 6 – Boyfriend stabs girlfriend in the neck

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Here are the crime reports for Zone 6 neighborhoods in our area.

These reports are provided by Atlanta Police and are presumed to be accurate. The following reports are from the last week in January.

East Atlanta

– On Jan. 27, a woman was walking home from the store when her boyfriend stopped her in front of a laundry mat at Portland and Gresham Avenue. She told police that “he came out of nowhere” and said, “B*&%!, where you been?” She told police that he stabbed her in the throat on her left side. Her boyfriend then begged her not to call police as she struggled to get back to Gresham Avenue.

– On Jan. 27, police received a report of a burglary on Ora Avenue. The front windows were shattered. Items reported stolen: two notebooks, iPad, Fendi Watch, Cartier Sunglasses, 47 inch TV, Xbox Video Game System, 55 inch flat screen TV.

– On Jan. 27, police received a report of a burglary on May Avenue Southeast. The door had been kicked in. Items reported stolen: laptop, wrist watch, 32 inch flat screen TV, two credit cards.

– On Jan. 28, police received a report of a burglary on McPherson Avenue Southeast. Items reported stolen: 40 inch flat screen TV, iPad.

East Lake

– On Feb. 1, police found two men pushing a garbage can down East Lake Boulevard. Inside, police found copper wires and bars. One of the suspects told police that he and the other suspect jumped the gate at 301 E. Lake Blvd, at the Drew Charter School, went up the stairs to the second floor and stole the items that were found in the green garbage container.


– On Jan. 30, police received a report of a stolen black Honda on Rocky Ford Road. The owner had left the keys in the ignition to warm it up.


– On Jan. 31, police responded to a report of a robbery on Mayson Avenue. The victim met the suspect at the MARTA station on LaFrance Street and walked with him to buy cigarettes. The victim showed $200 while buying the cigarettes and on the way back to the MARTA, the suspect pointed a rusty black 9mm at the victim and robbed him.

The suspect is described as a black male, 6 feet tall with a slim build and a brown complexion, wearing a black skull cap, black zip-up jacket, and blue jeans.

– On Jan. 30,  police responded to a report of shoplifting at Kroger. The suspect was caught with two packs of spare ribs, three packs of ground beef, and two cans of 4LOKO in his backpack.

– On Jan. 31, police responded to a call about a shoplifter at Target. The suspect was observed over closed circuit surveillance cameras in the store. She came into the store, selected a single pair of “Sony ear buds” (value of $14.99), carried them to the women’s clothing section, took the ear buds out of the original packaging, put them in her purse, walked past all points of sale and attempted to exit the store with paying for them.

– On Jan. 26, police responded to a report of shoplifting at Best Buy. The suspect was caught with $290.92 worth of merchandise concealed in his hoodie pocket: two packs of batteries, five memory cards, and a clip on guitar tuner.