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Zone 6 – Drunken shovel fight

Kirkwood and East Lake

Zone 6 – Drunken shovel fight

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Here are the crime reports for Zone 6 neighborhoods in our area, which includes Kirkwood.

These reports are provided by Atlanta Police and are presumed to be accurate.


On Feb. 15, Atlanta Police took a report of an aggravated assault on Wyman Street Southeast. A man reported that another man identified only as “Doug” hit him in the face with a shovel, resulting in “severe laceration and swelling to victim’s right eye and cheek.” The suspect fled the scene and the victim wasn’t much help to the police. “Victim was intoxicated and did not cooperate with the investigation,” the police report says.


In Edgewood, crime bites you. On Feb. 11, an Edgewood shoplifter injured an Atlanta Police officer while trying to get away with his loot. A man tried to conceal a razor in his jacket and walk out of the Target store. A police officer tackled the suspect. “While on the ground the subject (bit the officer) on the inside of his right knee, leaving a very visible and bruised bite mark,” the report says.

Things shoplifted from stores in Edgewood: 

Feb. 13, from Kroger: yogurt, potatoes ,milk, cheese, water and batteries

Feb. 14, from Kroger: one pack of “Atlantic Salmon”, one pack of “Tilapia filets”, two packs of “Lean Pork Chops”, two packs of “Pork Ribs” and one pack of “Rib-eye Steaks”

Feb. 15, Barnes & Noble: “Unicorno” playing cards, “Peacock” tray, “Live, Love Laugh” tray, “Frolicsome Kittens” paper clips, “Vera Bradley Plum Crazy” fabric tech case, lunch box and “Grateful Dead Dancing Bears” 20 ounce ceramic coffee mug.