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Georgia – Who is on the May 20 ballot?

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Georgia – Who is on the May 20 ballot?

It's Georgia, y'all.
It's Georgia, y'all.

It’s Georgia, y’all.

Qualifying for the May 20 primaries ended on Friday, March 7. As usual, it’s ridiculously difficult to find information about who you might be asked to vote  for this year.

Here are the candidates running for statewide elected office that will appear on the May 20 ballot.


Republican Primary

Nathan Deal, Incumbent

David Pennington

John Barge

Democratic Primary

Jason Carter, unopposed

Lieutenant Governor

Republican Primary

Casey Cagle, incumbent, unopposed

Democratic Primary

Connie Stokes, unopposed

Commissioner of Agriculture

Republican Primary

Gary Black, incumbent, unopposed

Democratic Primary

Christopher James Irvin

Commissioner of Insurance

Republican Primary

Ralph Hudgens, unopposed

Democratic Primary

Elizabeth Johnson

Keith Heard

Commissioner of Labor

Republican Primary

J. Mark Butler, incumbent unopposed

Democratic Primary

Robbin Shipp

Secretary of State

Republican Primary

Brian Kemp, incumbent, unopposed

Democratic Primary

Doreen Carter

Gerald Beckum

State School Superintendent

Democratic Primary

Alisha Thomas Morgan

Jurita Forehand Mays

Marion Spencer “Denise” Freeman

R. “Rita” Robinzine

Tarnisha L. Dent

Valarie Wilson

Republican Primary

Allen Bowles Fort

Ashley Bell

Kira Willis

Mary Kay Bacallao

Michael “Mike” Buck

Nancy Jester

Richard Woods

Sharyl Dawes

T. Fitz Johnson

United States Senate

Republican Primary

Arthur “Art” Gardner

David Perdue

Derrick Grayson

JH Jack Kingston

Phil Gingrey

Karen Handel

Paul Collins Broun

Democratic Primary

Branko “Rad” Radulovacki

Michelle Nunn

O. “Steen” Miles

Todd Anthony Robinson

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