New schedule – Schools make up snow days

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 4, 2014
A user submitted photo of ice build up after the Feb. 11 snow storm.

A user submitted photo of ice build up after the Feb. 11 snow storm.

The DeKalb County Board of Education has extended its school calendar to make up days lost to the January and February snow storms. The county schools lost eight days of instructional time due to the storm, according to the DeKalb County Schools Facebook page.

The state Board of Education will allow local school systems to waive up to seven days lost due to the weather. Here’s how DeKalb County is handling the make up days:

• Adding five school days prior to the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests for grade 3-8 students by moving the testing dates from April 15-24 to April 22-May 1.

• Adding three instructional and remediation days to the end of the school year, meaning students will attend school May 21-23

• Moving the CRCT re-test window to May 20-22 to make up remediation days prior to the assessment.

• The original schedule for the End of Course Testing is unchanged for May 5-12 for students in grades 9-12

• All graduation schedules and activities are not affected.

In addition, teachers will have extra work days, including some Saturday sessions on March 15.

Other school systems have found different ways to deal with the lost instructional time. Decatur added 30 minutes to the school day, starting on Monday, March 3, and ending May 2.

Atlanta Public Schools changed a March 17 teacher workday to a regular school day. APS has pushed back CRCT testing for grades 3-8 by one week. Testing will begin April 23 and will end May 1.

APS said on its Facebook page that,”Pushing the CRCT further into the school year allows for an extra week of instruction for students grades 3 through 8, in addition to the March 17 day.”

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