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SPONSORED – re:loom needs social media help


SPONSORED – re:loom needs social media help

A rug from the re:loom Weavehouse. Photo courtesy of re:loom
A rug from the re:loom Weavehouse. Photo courtesy of re:loom

A rug from the re:loom Weavehouse. Photo courtesy of re:loom

Local professionals looking for a unique volunteer opportunity should consider pitching in at re:loom.

Regular readers of this website are aware that Decaturish.com is a proud sponsor of the re:loom project, a social enterprise that’s part of the Decatur-based Initiative for Affordable Housing. Editor and Publisher Dan Whisenhunt is also a member of the IAH Board of Directors. At re:loom, homeless adults receive valuable job and life skills training by weaving recycled materials into beautiful creations, like rugs and handbags. re:loom is the recent recipient of the Spanx Leg Up award and has been featured in local media, including a recent profile by Atlanta Magazine.

All the attention is great. It’s also creating more work for IAH staff, which already has a full plate. re:loom has a critical need for help with its social media campaign. The program needs a consistent, coherent message broadcast on a regular basis in order to draw more customers to the re:loom store. Every purchase made at the store goes back into the program. We need three people to help us create an effective social media team to support a coordinated social media campaign.

People interested in volunteering for this position must meet three basic requirements:

– Must know how to use social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. You don’t have to be a social media expert, or work on a social media team. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account that you use on a regular basis and you’re interested in helping, you should contact us.

– Must commit to spending some time each week assisting with re:loom’s social media campaign. The person would need to agree to nine to 12 months of volunteer work on behalf of the organization. The work would be a few hours each week. It’s an important job and we need dependable people who have the time to invest in this effort.

– Interested volunteers must have strong writing skills. The volunteer must adhere to re:loom’s tone and style guidelines.

– They must be committed to re:loom’s mission of ending the cycle of homelessness and promoting sustainability.

Benefits of volunteering include making a difference in your community and gaining perspective about the world around you. (Editor’s note: Volunteering re:loom has been a very uplifting experience for me.) 

Think you’ve got what it takes? Email Initiative for Affordable Housing Executive Director Lisa Wise: lisawise@reloom.org

If you don’t meet the qualifications, but know someone who does, can you please direct them our way?

Thank you.

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