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Taking issue – CL profiles your neighborhood

Avondale Estates Decatur Kirkwood

Taking issue – CL profiles your neighborhood

From http://clatl.com/
From http://clatl.com/

From http://clatl.com/

Creative Loafing released the 2014 edition of its Neighborhood Issue, which includes Decatur, Avondale Estates and Kirkwood.

“Exciting things are happening in neighborhoods all over the city, but you can only live in one at a time,” Editor in Chief Debbie Michaud said. “Tag along with our tour guides for a look at Atlanta from the people who know it best.”

The articles feature a write-up of each community, and a list of neighborhood picks.

Decatur’s Houndstooth Road and Kimball House made the list. To read the Decatur neighborhood profile, click here.

Avondale Estates’ Pallookaville Fine Foods and Rail Arts District did too. To read the Avondale Estates neighborhood profile, click here.

For Kirkwood, CL gave a shout out to Spotted Trotter and Le Petit Marche.  To read the Kirkwood neighborhood profile, click here.

Of course, that’s just a few names. Many more of our local businesses got some love from CL writers. Be sure to check it out.


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