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Crime report – Woman tracks down stolen car

Kirkwood and East Lake Metro ATL

Crime report – Woman tracks down stolen car

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

The following reports are provided by the Atlanta Police Department and are presumed to be accurate. 


On Wednesday, March 26, at 2:50 pm police officers responded to the 1600 block of Memorial Drive after receiving a report of a stolen car. The woman explained that she’d parked her car in front of the car wash and went inside a man, a witness to the crime, washed her 2008 Dodge Charger. When he turned his back to set down some of his supplies he heard the door shut. He turned to see the car pulling away with a man wearing a black hoodie behind the steering wheel. Police canvassed the area and couldn’t find the suspect. Police said the woman used the car’s GPS and found her stolen vehicle at the 500 block of Cairo Street.


On March 23, a Sunday evening, Atlanta Police responded the 1200 block of Memorial Drive after receiving a call about a carjacking. The victim was visiting a gated apartment community and had gone inside “for a quick second” and came back out to the car. According to the police reports, the victim got inside his BMW when a little black car – possibly a Corolla – pulled up behind him. Two men got out and said, “You sell drugs, don’t you?” They pulled out pistols and pointed them at the victim who said, “Take what you want” and got out of the car.

The suspects took:

– The car

– A gold chain

– A blackberry

– The victim’s wallet

– A Rolex watch

– A diamond bracelet

– A diamond ring

– A diamond cross

Police in Zone 5 later recovered the victim’s car two days later “after it crashed due to the suspects speeding and losing control,” the report said.

On March 26, at 12:30 am, officers responded to a call about a robbery near the 200 block of Flat Shoals Avenue. The victim said he was on his way to the MARTA train station. He was carrying a five dollar bill in his hand while he was walking. A heavy set man wearing a blue and orange jacket walked toward him. He saw that the man had his hands in his jacket pockets. The victim said the man demanded money and had “what appeared to be a handgun in his jacket pocket.” The victim said he never saw a gun, but the “suspect was pointing his finger in such a way that made him believe he had a gun.” The victim held out the five dollar bill. As the suspect reached to take the money from him, the victim punched the suspect. Police later identified and found the suspect. The officer searched the suspect’s pocket and found a five dollar bill. He also found a bag with an object that the officer suspected was crack cocaine. “It should be noted,” the report says. “the suspect did have a wallet in his left rear pocket which contained his ID, but no money.” Police photocopied the five dollar bill, then returned it to the victim.