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Friday Photo Roundup – Tree Man

D'ish Decatur Kirkwood and East Lake

Friday Photo Roundup – Tree Man


I see some weird stuff now that I work from home.

During one of my rare forays into daylight I saw something that ordinarily I would associate with commercials about preserving rain forests. I was cleaning up my backyard when I heard a loud whoomp, followed by a man’s voice mumbling from on high.


No, not God. The voice I heard from on high was Tree Man.

treeman (2)

treeman2 (2)

Throughout the rest of the day I heard the sounds of limbs crashing to the ground. My cat wanted no part of it and stayed inside the house, staring at me with his “What the hell is going on?” face.

I had mixed feelings about the tree murder unfolding on the other side of the fence. It was a little strange to see a man with a chainsaw standing 50 feet above you. But on the other hand, it would’ve really sucked if that tree ever fell on top of our duplex.

On Tuesday I ditched my Decatur Business Association meeting and went to the high-profile networking event known as the local Neighborhood Planning Unit meeting in Kirkwood.

This is an opportunity for residents to provide input on legislation being considered by the Atlanta City Council.

npu (2)

Planning is fun.

One of our contributors, Ralph Ellis, sent this one in. He said, “Despite the drizzle, customers waited in line Saturday for Decatur CD to open on Record Store Day.”

photo (12)

Reader Mike Curtis submitted this one. He said, “This is a photo I took at Oakhurst Elementary kindergarten class.  It’s a magnified flower with an ant inside. DEF provided funds to purchase magnifying camera.”


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