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$%&! – It’s getting cold again

Metro ATL

$%&! – It’s getting cold again

Old Man Winter, chief suspect in the approaching cold front.
Old Man Winter, chief suspect in the approaching cold front.

Old Man Winter, chief suspect in the approaching cold front.

Cold weather will return to the metro area today, Decaurish.com has learned

The weather forecast says temps in the metro Atlanta area will drop to 33 degrees this evening, and the nights will remain chilly throughout the week. There’s also a freeze warning in effect starting at midnight until 9 am Wednesday morning.

Decaturish.com called the National Weather Service Peachtree City, Ga., office to get to the bottom of why the cold weather is returning and who is responsible.

Forecaster Alex Gibbs answered the phone. We asked him the following questions:

Q) Are you responsible for this winter weather returning?

A) No, we just forecast the weather. That’s about it.

Q) Who is responsible for it?

A) I can’t give you an answer for that one.

Q) What exactly is going on here?

A) We’ve got the huge cold front coming through and it looks like we’re going for lows in the upper 20s in the mountains and…  the low is 34 across DeKalb county  Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Q) But we were told it was spring. We were told it was getting warmer …

A) It’s just this really strong system pushing through. We are transitioning obviously from winter to summer. These things can happen. It’s not that it’s out of the realm (of possibility). We don’t see them that often.

Q) Can you help us find an appropriate scapegoat to blame for this?

A) I would just say Old Man Winter’s last gasp. Old Man Winter didn’t want to give up to the summer yet.

Q) Old Man Winter, huh? And how can we reach him?

A) I don’t have a number for Old Man Winter unfortunately. He doesn’t come around much down here.

OK, National Weather Service. You’re off the hook for now, but don’t try any funny business.

If you see Old Man Winter, please let him know that he’s a jerk. Thank you.