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Heads up – Filming and canvassing in Avondale

Avondale Estates

Heads up – Filming and canvassing in Avondale

Photo obtained via the city of Avondale Estates website.


The city of Avondale Estates on Monday, April 7, gave residents a quick heads up about a few things going on in the city that they might have questions about. The updates were contained in the city’s weekly email.

Residents should be aware that:

– The city issued a permit to Abe Foreman Productions to film a public service announcement for the Centers for Disease Control on April 8. The filming will take place at 70 Lakeshore Drive. Anyone with questions can call location manager Becky Ollinger at 404-840-6800.

– The city issued a solicitation permit to Joshua Elliott of Treejob.com to canvass neighborhoods to talk to residents about his company’s services. People with questions about that permit can call City Clerk Juliette Sims-Owens at 404-294-5400 or email [email protected].

– Residents might receive a letter “from a water resources company unaffiliated with the city,” the city’s email says. “American Water Resources (AWR) has informed the city of Avondale Estates that they will soon send a letter to City residents,” the city’s email says. “The city of Avondale Estates is not affiliated with AWR and does not endorse the company. The AWR mailing will explain that normal wear and tear can cause water line leaks or breaks, property owners are responsible for making the necessary repairs, and that AWR offers a program for such repairs. The letter does explain that AWR is independent of Avondale Estates and DeKalb County, but these letters have caused confusion for residents elsewhere in the past.”

Case in point:

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