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KNO – “Big zoning issue” ahead

Kirkwood and East Lake

KNO – “Big zoning issue” ahead

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt


Membership in Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization is down from last year and the organization encouraging people to sign up ahead of a vote on zoning for a multifamily development.

Euramex Management purchased the 3.3 acre lot behind Kirkwood Station in November, and wants to buy apartments at 1910 Bixby Street to create a new multifamily project. The company will have to get the property rezoned first. KNO will likely be asked to vote on it before it is considered by Kirkwood’s Neighborhood Planning Unit, which will send its recommendation to the city of Atlanta.

“Membership in 2014 continues to lag behind our 2013 totals,” the message from KNO says. “We only have 88 households to date and we will be having a big zoning issue soon and you will need to be a member to get a vote. Euramex Management Group is hoping for the land behind Kirkwood Station and the apartment complex on Bixby Court to be changed from R4A / single family to the needed MR3 or RG3. Don’t let your opinion go to waste because you are not a member!”

Residents can sign up for KNO membership by clicking here.

The next KNO meeting is Thursday, April 10, at 7 pm. KNO holds its meetings at Turner Monumental AME Church located at 66 Howard Street NE. The agenda includes a presentation about Georgia Power’s Home Energy Improvement Program and a presentation from Kirkwood Business Owners Association. The KBOA is asking for a donation from the neighborhood group to help pay for improvements to the traffic island at Oakview and Hosea Williams, according to the meeting agenda.