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Sheep are neat – Decaturish reviews coloring book

D'ish Decatur

Sheep are neat – Decaturish reviews coloring book

When you open this month's Decatur Focus you will step through the looking glass.
When you open this month's Decatur Focus you will step through the looking glass.

When you open this month’s “Decatur Focus” you will step through the looking glass.

The city of Decatur hid an Easter egg in this month’s edition of the “Decatur Focus” magazine.

In honor of Georgia Cities Week, this month’s “Focus” includes a coloring book full of city-themed activities for the kids.

“This annual booklet of games and puzzles features information about Decatur’s government and city services, presented in a fun yet informative format,” the city’s website says. “The booklet is designed for all ages, but is especially suitable for elementary-age children. You and your family can have fun with it while learning new things about how Decatur works as a city.”

When I opened my issue of “Focus” and found this, I realized that Jesus does in fact love me. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.

Here are some of the more interesting activities contained in the city of Decatur’s coloring book.

2014-04-09 20.37.52

This activity requires significant suspension of disbelief. You must accept the following premises:

1) Kids can judge whether something is clean.

2) Grass can grow on your roof.

3) Code enforcement can be fun.

2014-04-09 20.39.30

I am skeptical of any scenario where my childhood friend takes me to a cemetery so I can herd sheep through a maze.

2014-04-09 20.40.21

I’m going to go with, “Not a vacant Ruby Tuesday’s.”

2014-04-09 21.21.34

This activity also provides an opportunity for you and your child to sit down so you can teach them about tax money and what it’s used for.

2014-04-09 20.42.43

Enjoy the illusion while it lasts, kid. When you’re an adult, you’ll learn that it’s never fun when a policeman shows up to your birthday party.

2014-04-09 20.43.53

I have several different objections to this activity. First, comparing yogurt to a budget is a bad analogy. Yogurt is always something that’s outside of your budget, and it’s often consumed when you go over-budget and you want to convince your brain to think happy thoughts. Secondly, who decided that a raspberry should stand in for solid waste? And, lastly, dogs can’t eat yogurt, even when it’s a metaphor for government finance. Also, what kind of yogurt is this dog eating? He looks like he’s staring through space time.

Coloring is fun.