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Snow longer – Decatur students can sleep in


Snow longer – Decatur students can sleep in

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The winter weather may be behind us (knock on wood), but Decatur students are still dealing with the snow that melted weeks ago.

In response to the storms, Decatur Schools took a novel approach: making the school days 30 minutes longer through May 2.

Some parents rejoiced. Students groaned.

On Monday, May 5, those roles will reverse, ending the long nightmare of 30 additional minutes of learning tacked on to each school day. City Schools of Decatur has announced that it return to its regularly scheduled educational programming.

The City Schools of Decatur Facebook page says, “Beginning Monday, May 5, schools will operate on a normal schedule through the end of the school year. The last day of school is Thursday, May 29. Teachers’ post-planning day is Friday, May 30.”

Here are the new times for Decatur students. Set your alarms accordingly.

College Heights Pre-K 8:00-2:30
Clairemont 8:10-2:40
Glennwood 8:00-2:30
Oakhurst 8:00-2:30
Winnona Park 8:00-2:30
4/5 Academy at F.AVE 7:45-2:30
Renfroe Middle 8:40-3:40
Decatur High 8:30-3:30