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Ermahgerd! – ‘Goosebumps’ filmed at cemetery


Ermahgerd! – ‘Goosebumps’ filmed at cemetery

The Goosebumps crew filmed at the Decatur cemetery in May of 2014. File Photo by Chris Billingsley

Film crews are finishing up a shoot in the Decatur Cemetery.

Katie Abel, the city of Decatur’s special events coordinator, said Tuesday, “The project is a film version of the children’s book series, ‘Goosebumps.’ They wrap filming at the end of tonight.”

Resident Chris Billingsley sent these photos from the shoot.



Decaturish asked Abel what the city did to ensure the protection of the cemetery.

“We had several meetings with the location department and cemetery and city staff about the scope of the work,” Abel said. “The agreement is that they leave the cemetery in as good or better shape than they found it.”