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Fundraiser – Twain’s SpringFest to benefit Food Bank

Avondale Estates Decatur

Fundraiser – Twain’s SpringFest to benefit Food Bank

Twain's. Photo from www.twains.net
Twain's. Photo from www.twains.net

Twain’s. Photo from www.twains.net

Twain’s, Decatur’s locally-owned brew pub, will be holding its sixth annual SpringFest this Saturday, May 17,  and all proceeds go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

The event will be held from 1 pm to 4 pm. Advanced tickets are $50, and they can be purchased here.

Tickets get you five different food and beer pairings from five different chefs. You’ll also get a commemorative glass.

Participating restaurants are Twain’s, Leon’s Full Service, Pinewood Tippling Room, Steinbeck’s, and Pine Street Market. The participating breweries are  Blue Tarp, Wild Heaven, 3 Taverns, and Ale Yeah and Twain’s. There will be special brews crafted just for the event.

Twain’s owner Ethan Wurtzel said, “We have raised over $30,000 in our previous years, and this year we are going big! This year is extra special because we have been joined by our Decatur brewery friends as well as the restaurant community to create unique beer and food pairings for the festival goer.”

For more information, check out SpringFest’s Facebook event page.


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