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Moving on – School ending, CSD changing offices


Moving on – School ending, CSD changing offices

An artist's rendering of the Beacon Municipal Center. Photo obtained via TheDecaturMinute.com
An artist's rendering of the Beacon Municipal Complex. Photo obtained via TheDecaturMinute.com

An artist’s rendering of the Beacon Municipal Complex. Photo obtained via TheDecaturMinute.com

The last day of classes in City Schools of Decatur is May 29 and there will be some changes when schools reopen this fall.

CSD announced that its offices have officially moved to the Beacon Municipal Complex, located at 125 Electric Avenue. The new phone number will be 404-371-3601.

Until this month, CSD had its central offices at Westchester Elementary, a school that closed in 2004. That school will reopen this fall in response to increasing enrollment.

Decatur schools spokesperson Courtney Burnett said in an email, “The last office/department will be moved out of Westchester and into Beacon tomorrow, May 28.”

The Beacon center will also house a Decatur Police Department building, the city’s Active Living center, and a storm water management facility. The total project budget is $38 million.

City of Decatur spokesperson Casie Yoder said via email that the city hasn’t moved any of its offices to the Beacon Complex yet.

“CSD is the first to move in because Westchester is being converted back into an elementary school,” Yoder said. “The rest of the Beacon Municipal Center is still under construction. It will probably be late summer/early fall before the other buildings open. Beacon is the second shared facility between CSD and the City of Decatur. The first is the renovated Eloise T. Leveritt building on Talley St. Which had its grand opening a couple months ago.”

The Leveritt building houses the city’s public works department, vehicle maintenance facilities and Design Environment and Construction division.

In the next few days, there will be moving on and graduation observances throughout the school system. Elementary schools, which are K-3 in Decatur, will mark moving to the system’s 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue. Decatur High School graduation is Thursday, May 29.


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