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Phony kidnapping – A Decatur woman’s warning

Decatur Metro ATL

Phony kidnapping – A Decatur woman’s warning

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt


Jennifer Gonzalez, a Decatur resident, sent along this story. She said she was contacted by individuals behind a fake kidnapping scam. She asked that we republish her story as a warning to other residents.

She said:

Last week I received a phone call from men who said that my husband was in an accident. He was hurt and wanted them to call me. Luckily, it was Tuesday, my husband works from home on Tuesday AND I had his car. So they hung up. Then called back to ask if it was my son. He is not old enough to drive, so no. They hung up again. Tonight I saw a story on the news about a guy who wasn’t lucky enough to get in touch with his brother when they called with a similar situation and a scarier result.

So they didn’t know my husband’s name until I told them and they never used my name, but they did have my cell number and they may have known that I have a husband and a son (but not that he is young). Feeling annoyed.

Decaturish contacted Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross about the incident. Ross said a reporter told her about a similar case involving a victim in Atlanta.

“We are going to follow up with APD to confirm the cases are related,” Ross said.