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Shout out – Decatur High seniors honored


Shout out – Decatur High seniors honored

The front steps of Decatur High School. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
The front steps of Decatur High School. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The front steps of Decatur High School. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur High School seniors graduate this week, but there were more than a few of the 202 students enrolled in the class of 2014 who stood out.

The Parent Teacher Student Association says 64 members of the class of 2014 made the A/B honor roll for four consecutive years at the high school, including transfers.

“They will be recognized at the Graduation breakfast and presented with a commemorative blanket of their academic years here at Decatur High School,” the PTSA says. “An engraved recognition plaque also hangs in the school main floor lobby.”

The stand out seniors are:

Mary N. Adams
Amel A. Alyamani
Reuben E. Brough
Meredith S. Broyles
Elizabeth A. Burge
Emma G. Burge
Nathaniel B. Byrd
Madelyn S. Carlson
Riley M. Carlson
Jessica Chatman
Sean R. Conway
Ethan D. Craft
Katherine E. Davis
Kyle E. Drenner
Daniel E. Easley
Julianna A. Eidle
Samuel B. Fiore
Jonah B. Florence
Liam W. Foskett
Anya E. Fredsell
Adam W. Garlow
Rachel K. Glasser
Alexander Z. Goldberg
Rachel C. Harber
Edward B. Henderson
Nisu G. Herrera
Kira L. Hynes
Emily C. Kinzer
Autumn K. Kirkendall
David V. Krueger
Monica J. Lefton
Natalie G. Lefton
Kelsey B. Martin
Chelsea B. Mcfarland
James W. Mckay
Caida A. Mendelsohn
Anelia K. Moore
Lyndsay K. Morrow
Isabel D. Newsome
Lollie B. Newsome
Sara K. Norman
Sara M. Nowlin
Summerlin A. O’Neill
Solveig K. Olson-Strom
Emily I. Phillips
Matthew B. Polston
Taylor N. Randleman
Brittany J. Sadler
Rachel C. Sampson
Darshan D. Shah
Sarah R. Smith
Tyler S. Smith
Ruth E. Stewart
Annie M. Strickland
Sarah M. Stubbs
Tiffany N. Thomas
Talore B. Vaughn
Claire E. Weitnauer
Calvin M. Wheeler
Alexis M. Williams
Allison P. Wray
Frank W. Wynne
Fernanda Zamora-Carbonell
Bingxin Zhoa