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Zero crime – East Lake leads Zone 6

Kirkwood and East Lake Metro ATL

Zero crime – East Lake leads Zone 6

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt.
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt.

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt.

According to the most recent report from Atlanta Police, there were exactly zero crimes reported in East Lake in the first full week of May.

Atlanta’s Zone 6 police precinct routinely publishes crime summaries that include all of the Part 1 crimes reported in each of its beats. Part 1 crimes are those considered most likely to be reported to police, like robberies and burglaries, and those numbers are tracked by police departments. For week 19, May 4 through May 10, there were no Part 1 crimes reported in Beat 611, East Lake.

There were four crimes recorded in Beat 611 the previous week, April 27 through May 3: one assault, two larcenies and one theft from a vehicle.

Zone 6 Commander Maj. Timothy Peek discussed East Lake’s progress at the May 27 Neighborhood Planning Unit – O meeting.

He said Beat 611 has seen a 52 percent decrease in crime overall. Kirkwood’s Beat 610 has seen a 33 percent decrease.

“It shows a trending fact that crime is being reduced in Zone 6 and right now is leading the city,” Peek said.

Peek also gave a nod to the East Lake Security Patrol, which formed in 2007. He said security patrols like East Lake’s provide officers with additional resources, as well as eyes and ears.

“We only have X amount of cars on the street,” Peek said. “When you can supplement us with those patrols and have those officers out there ensuring that they are out there at the right times, looking for the right things … It’s just insurmountable.”

East Lake Security Patrol President Luana Slaughter also co-founded the patrol, which now includes East Lake Gardens and East Lake Terrace, which is in the DeKalb Police Department jurisdiction. The patrol hires off-duty officers to provide additional support to the Atlanta and DeKalb Police officers.

“Community Oriented Policing is not a program, but a model,” Slaughter said. “It requires both residents and police officers to trust, respect, and engage one another. In East Lake, we collaborate with Zone 6 and the Dekalb County South Precinct on a daily basis to identify and address safety and security issues. We know what we are doing is working and have the statistics to prove it.”

The NPU voted on several zoning matters, but did not discuss proposed city of Atlanta ordinances that were on the agenda because a representative from the city did not show up to present them.

The NPU deferred approving a special use permit for a Daycare Center on Anniston Avenue Southeast.

Also, representatives from MARTA attended the meeting and updated the NPU on plans for a transit oriented development at the Edgewood-Candler Park station. John Crocker, Director of Development and Regional Coordination for the transit agency, said a request for proposal for the project received three responses, and the responses are being evaluated now.