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Art scavenger hunt returns to Decatur


Art scavenger hunt returns to Decatur

Artists get ready for the 2nd Annual Great Decatur Art Hunt. Photo obtained via Facebook.

Artists get ready for the 2nd Annual Great Decatur Art Hunt. Photo obtained via Facebook.

Organizers behind Free Art Fridays are bringing their artistically-driven scavenger hunt back to Decatur on Saturday.

The 2nd Annual Great Decatur Art Hunt will begin at noon on June 28.

Participants will be invited to follow clues on Twitter and Instagram to collect one of the dozens of pieces the artists are hiding in the city.

To find the clues, just search for the hashtag #freeartdecatur on Twitter and Instagram.

Larry Holland, the main organizer of the Decatur event, said he’s been participating in Free Art Fridays for about three years. He has about 60 pieces that will be distributed on Saturday morning. He said besides broadening perspectives, the free art movement also gives residents an opportunity to explore new parts of the city.

“It’s just cool,” Holland said. “It brings people into parts of the city they might not normally see. I’m not going to make it easy, is my plan.”

There aren’t any prizes for collecting the most pieces of art, so don’t get greedy.

Holland and the organizers want to make sure everyone has a chance to get a kick out of discovering something hidden around town.

“This is a fun thing to do,” Holland said.  “We did it last year and it was pretty well received.”

For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page by clicking here. To read more about Free Art Fridays, check out this story from contributor Emily Chapman.

Happy hunting.


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