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Atlanta Police – Burglar broke alarm panels

Kirkwood and East Lake

Atlanta Police – Burglar broke alarm panels

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

An Atlanta Police officer responded to a burglar alarm in East Lake over the weekend and confronted a burglar who apparently tried to break the alarms.

Police received the call on June 21. The there was an audible alarm coming from a home located on 2nd Ave. NE.

“As I was searching for house numbers I spotted the house and placed my flashlight on the front windows to make sure they weren’t broken,” the officer wrote. “When I did so, I saw what appeared to be a white male inside the residence toward the back of the house. He immediately crouched down and ran further toward the back of the house.”

The officer ran to the back of the house, trying to head off the suspect.

“The male emerged out the front door of the residence and ran southbound on 2nd Ave,” the report says.

Later in the report, the officer wrote, “It appeared the suspect broke off every alarm panel that was installed on the residence.”

Two police officers secured the home. The officer who filed the report said he felt a warm draft, which led him to a window to the back deck that had been “pried open.” Officers found a laptop and camera bag sitting on the ledge of the back porch and returned them to the residence.