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City staff recommend denial of daycare permit

Kirkwood and East Lake

City staff recommend denial of daycare permit

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

A controversial proposal to increase the size of a daycare on Anniston Avenue in Kirkwood faces another roadblock.

The city of Atlanta’s Department of Planning and Community Development recommended denial of a special use permit application filed by Lauren Kilby, owner of the iCare Child Development Center.

The Atlanta Zoning Review Board recommended a one-month deferral to give the applicant time to come up with a solution for concerns about parking and drop-offs at the daycare center. The permit application would allow iCare to enroll up to 18 children. There are currently six children attending daycare at the facility.

Residents of Anniston have opposed the permit because they are concerned about creating a precedent for businesses in a residential area. Kilby maintains that the concerns are overblown.

Kilby said Monday that she is working to address the ZRB’s concerns and thinks she can ultimately win approval for her plan.

“It was deferred because of the transportation traffic issue,” Kilby said. “They want me to show on a site plan some type of future or near-future plan where I’m going to … try to create some type of off-street parking.”

The staff recommendation says the current plan “does not allow for safe and convenient children drop off as there is no turnaround opportunity readily available.”

The recommendation also says, “The proposed on-site parking and loading appears to be significantly insufficient” for Kilby’s plans.

To read the full list of staff recommendations, click here.

Two different community votes produced a conflicting recommendations about Kilby’s application. The Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization recommended denial of the application during the June 10 meeting. Last week, Neighborhood Planning Unit – O supported the application.

Kilby said she isn’t sure what her next move will be if the city will not approve her application to expand the daycare.

“I’m definitely going to have to look into another option,” she said.