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Decatur Police – Suspect arrested after foot chase


Decatur Police – Suspect arrested after foot chase

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

A traffic stop led to a commotion in Decatur’s Oakhurst community on Thursday evening.

According to Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross, at 7:30 pm on June 12 an officer patrolling the area of Spring Street and Oakview Road got a notification from an Automatic License Plate Reader that a nearby vehicle had an expired tag.

The officer stopped the car at the 1300 block of Oakview Road. During the stop, the passenger in the car gave the officer a fake name and birthday, then took off running.

More officers responded and found the suspect leaving the back of a restaurant near Oakview Road and East Lake Drive. There was a foot chase and officers captured the suspect in the backyard of a home on 100 Maxwell Street.

Ross said police arrested 25-year-old Rodriguez Revere of DeKalb County. He had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation. He was charged with obstructing an officer, giving false information and held for the warrant.

The driver was cited for having an expired tag and was released, Ross said.


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