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Alert says vehicle matches stolen Mercedes

Kirkwood and East Lake

Alert says vehicle matches stolen Mercedes

The Edgewood Retail District. Source: Google Maps
The Edgewood Retail District. Source: Google Maps

The Edgewood Retail District. Source: Google Maps

Two days after a man punched a woman and stole her Mercedes at a parking garage in Edgewood, a car matching the description was used in a robbery, according to the East Atlanta Security Patrol.

The security patrol posted this alert on July 7:

In the last half hour, a robbery was reported at 380 East Lake Boulevard. The vehicle used matched the description of a vehicle that was carjacked from the Edgewood Retail District on Saturday around noon. The vehicle taken on Saturday was a 2011 black Mercedes ML350. The vehicle used today had a red and black Atlanta Luxury Motors drive-out tag, but certainly could be the same vehicle. After today’s robbery, the vehicle was headed toward Memorial Drive.

That vehicle description syncs up with the one from the July 5 incident. Decaturish.com reached out to Atlanta Police to see if there were any other crime reports involving a 2011 black Mercedes ML350. Atlanta Police Officer John Chafee said he would look into it.

The July 5 incident has reinforced concerns about safety in the Edgewood Retail District. Before the July 5 incident, there was a robbery at the shopping center on June 25 that was caught on video.

Dana Blankenhorn, chairman of Neighborhood Planning Unit-O which includes Edgewood, said police have repeatedly warned residents to be on guard when visiting the retail district.

“What the cops have told us in past meetings of (Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization) and the NPU is that the Edgewood retail center is a crime magnet,” Blankenhorn said. “There’s a lot of money there and that attracts crime. They are constantly warning us to hide your packages, lock your car, be aware, and to do the normal things that one would do to try and make sure you’re safe.”

Blankenhorn also said it’s helpful to pay attention to the shoes suspect are wearing.

“They’ll change their shirt and change their pants but they won’t usually change their shoes,” he said.

Blankenhorn urged residents to keep crime in perspective. While crimes Edgewood are a staple of police reports, much of it involves shoplifting. Blankenhorn said crime in Zone 6 is down overall.

“It’s important not to overreact to individual events,” he said.