Brookhaven chief – Golf carts illegal on city streets

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 26, 2014
Illustration Photo by The Community - Pop Culture Geek. Obtained via Wikimedia Commons

Illustration Photo by The Community – Pop Culture Geek. Obtained via Wikimedia Commons

(CCA) – There’s been some debate about the legality of golf carts on city streets in Brookhaven, according to The Brookhaven Post.

The short answer, according to Police Chief Gary Yandura, is they’re not legal because of recent changes in state law.

“PTV’s also may only be operated by those that possess a valid Georgia Driver’s License,” Yandura said. “The confusion in the new law is partly due to the fact that a PTV is described as a ‘motor vehicle.’ ‘Motor Vehicles’ are required by law to be registered with the Department of Transportation. In order to register a vehicle you must have a title. Titles do not routinely come with golf carts making this requirement almost impossible to meet.”

Yandura said that the city of Brookhaven would have to pass a law to make the carts legal on city streets.

“Since most PTV’s or Golf Carts don’t come with Titles, they cannot be registered by the state and therefore are illegal to operate on the public streets in Brookhaven until an ordinance is passed allowing such operation,” Yandura said.

To read more, check out The Brookhaven Post article by clicking here.

Avondale Estates City Commission adopted its “motorized cart” ordinance in December of 2012, a similar vehicle to a golf cart but with additional safety features.

Anyone with a valid license can drive one in Avondale.

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