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Decatur family searching for good Samaritans


Decatur family searching for good Samaritans

The Davis Family. Photo obtained via Facebook.

The Davis Family. Photo obtained via Facebook.

Cristin and Jeremy Davis were putting their children to bed at their home in the Lenox Place neighborhood on July 7 when they heard someone knock on their door.

It was 9 pm and the family was winding down for the evening.

When Cristin answered the door, she found two teenagers – one boy and one girl – who had something that belonged to the Davis family: Jeremy’s wallet.

The teenagers told Cristin they’d found the wallet at the ball fields at Renfroe Middle School. Jeremy didn’t even realize it was gone. He had been there earlier in the day for his son’s baseball practice, and the wallet must’ve fallen out of his pocket.

“I saw all this money that was in there, all these receipts to turn in for reimbursement, the corporate credit card. It could’ve been complete mess,” Cristin said.

The Davises are trying to find the teenagers to properly thank them for their good deed.

“When they left we were just so shocked, because Jeremy didn’t know the wallet was gone,” Cristin said.

She said Jeremy drove around the neighborhood to see if he could locate them, but no luck there.

“We would love to give them a reward and the acknowledgement they deserve,” Cristin said. “Especially since they found the wallet at Renfroe … and walked all the way down to our house to return it.”

Jeremy said the teenagers deserve some kind of recognition.

“I said ‘Thank you’ but I would like to give them a reward or at least a gift certificate or something,” Jeremy said. “Their parents should be very proud!”

So be on the lookout for two teenagers with Samaritan-like tendencies who don’t have any trouble walking from Renfroe to Lenox Place to return a lost wallet. If you know who these do-gooders are, email us at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with the Davis family.