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DeKalb says ‘no thanks’ to Vernon Jones

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DeKalb says ‘no thanks’ to Vernon Jones

Jeff Mann, DeKalb County Sheriff
Jeff Mann, DeKalb County Sheriff

Jeff Mann, DeKalb County Sheriff

Former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones decided to try his hand at running for DeKalb County Sheriff, giving incumbent Jeff Mann a run for his money.

He made it into the July 22 runoff, but on Tuesday the professional politician suffered a stinging defeat.

While Jones brought name recognition along with his swagger and political savvy, Mann carried the day, winning the election with 76 percent of the vote. Mann led Jones by almost 28,000 votes.

Mann celebrated his decisive victory on Facebook.

“THANK YOU DeKalb County!!!! The choice was clear and I am proud to be able to continue to serve as your 49th Sheriff,” he wrote.

Jones hasn’t responded to a request for comment.

The sheriff’s race pitted Jones, an experienced politician and divisive figure, against Mann, an incumbent appointed when his predecessor, Tom Brown, left that seat to run for U.S. House District 4 against incumbent Hank Johnson in the May 20 primary. Brown lost that race to Johnson.

Some voters cringed at the thought of Jones returning to public office after his controversial stint as DeKalb County CEO.

Jones’ public and private life is the subject of debate and speculation. In 2005, a woman accused him of rape, but the case was never prosecuted. Jones has maintained his innocence and wasn’t inclined to discuss it when he announced his candidacy for sheriff.

Mann touted his experience as Chief Deputy and Sheriff of DeKalb County. Jones accused the department of having a “go along to get along” philosophy under Mann.

Voters decided they were getting along just fine without Jones, however.