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NPU approves subdivision request


NPU approves subdivision request

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Dana Blankenhorn, chairman of Neighborhood Planning Unit – O, said the board on July 22 voted to support a subdivision request on Murray Hill Drive.

Blankenhorn provided a wrap-up from the meeting. Decaturish was unable to attend due to coverage of the July 22 runoff elections.

Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization recommended approval of the new development on 332 Murray Hill Drive prior to the NPU meeting. KNO asked for two conditions: that the Homeowners Association is responsible for keeping up a detention pond and that “the tree recompense be used in tree replantings in the subdivision to the maximum extent a landscape architect recommends.” 

NPU members also deferred supporting a rezoning request for a multifamily development on Memorial Drive called Rosedale Apartments because the developer did not attend the meeting.

Here was Blankenhorn’s wrap-up of the meeting:

Everything passed with little dissent. (Atlanta Senior Urban Planner Racquel Jackson) did a great job explaining the ordinance changes. One item was deferred, the Rosedale apartments, because the developer didn’t show up. That had been approved by KNO. Councilwoman (Natalyn) Archibong made an appearance and discussed the sidewalk ordinance, which still lacks a funding mechanism. Oh, and part one crime is still down 18 percent.

I’ve been seeing some exchanges of messages about improving security at the Edgewood Shopping Center in light of recent developments. Everyone seems to be on the same page agreeing that things need to be done. There are discussions going on about increasing camera surveillance, and making certain there’s a police presence there when the center is open. There is also talk about improved lighting.

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