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Officer involved in dog shooting resigns

Metro ATL

Officer involved in dog shooting resigns

Doctor. Photo obtained via Go Fund Me.
Doctor. Photo obtained via Go Fund Me.

Doctor. Photo obtained via Go Fund Me.

A DeKalb Police Officer who shot a family’s German shepherd has resigned.

A DeKalb Police spokesperson confirmed the resignation on Monday, July 28. The Atlanta Journal Constitution identified the Officer as David Anthony Pitts.

DeKalb Police had opened an internal affairs investigation to get to the bottom of what happened when Pitts responded to a false alarm at Tim Theall’s Gresham Park home. According to a statement from interim DeKalb Police Chief James Conroy, the investigation continues.

“The inquiry is examining the actions of the officer leading up to the incident as well as the conduct of all responding personnel following the shooting,” Conroy said. “Once the investigation is complete the Department will determine if any corrective action is warranted. This is an unfortunate incident, one in which we will learn from. The Department is in the process of developing protocols that will address procedures for providing medical treatment to an injured animal associated with future police investigations.”

Theall said DeKalb Police officials haven’t contacted him since the July 24 incident. When asked about his thoughts on the officer’s resignation, Theall said, “I hope that his replacement doesn’t get the same training that he did.”

Theall told Decaturish he was at home on July 24 when the officer arrived in response to an alarm call. Theall said the alarm company later told him the alarm hadn’t sounded.

“My dog is anything but aggressive,” Theall said. “The dog was running around the corner. He was just finishing his business in the backyard … I heard the guy yell, ‘Oh shit’ and then, bang! Bang!”

The officer shot the dog, named Doctor, in the throat. Theall said the officer then prevented him from getting the dog to the vet for medical attention.

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Theall set up a Go Fund Me account to help cover Doctor’s medical bills. As of July 28, he’d raised nearly $12,000. He said he plans to donate any extra money to a no-kill shelter. He said Doctor is still unable to eat solid food and will have a CT to determine the extent of his injuries.

“The healing starts soon,” Theall said.