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Arrest links Edgewood, Buckhead carjackings

Kirkwood and East Lake Metro ATL

Arrest links Edgewood, Buckhead carjackings

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/EdgewoodRetailDistrict/

Photo obtained via https://www.facebook.com/EdgewoodRetailDistrict/

Decaturish totally called this.

Last week, we noted similarities between carjackings at Phipps Plaza and the Edgewood Retail District. The perpetrators in both incidents used the same strategy, threatening their victims’ lives before beating them and making off with a luxury vehicle.

Today Atlanta Police announced that they arrested Steven Spigner and charged him with both crimes, as well as a few others. Here’s the current list of crimes police are accusing Spigner of committing.

August 4, 2014. 3500 Peachtree St. The victim was beaten and her vehicle stolen at gunpoint from Phipps Plaza mall.

July 12, 2014. 450 Moreland Ave. The victim was carjacked and the use of a firearm was threatened.

July 7, 2014. 380 E. Lake Blvd. The victim was struck in the face and robbed of his property. The arrestee was driving the vehicle taken in the Caroline St. Carjacking.

July 5, 2014. 1275 Caroline St. The victim was beaten and her property and vehicle were stolen from the parking deck.

The arrestee has been charged with TWO counts of Hijacking a Motor Vehicle, TWO counts of Robbery by Force, ONE count of Aggravated Battery, and TWO counts of Battery.

The victim in the Edgewood case told Decaturish she noticed similarities between the attacks as well. That case happened on July 5 around noon. The victim was leaving her black Mercedes Benz in the lower deck of the Target parking garage “and stepped out of the car to go into the store.”

“She stated that as she walked to the rear of her vehicle a black male wearing a green shirt punched her in the head and she fell on the ground,” the police report says. “She advised that the male took her purse and car keys and then stated ‘stay on the ground or I will f*&%ing kill you.’”

She told police she did what the man said. She said the man got in her car, put the vehicle in reverse and she had to roll away to avoid being run over, according to the report.

The Phipps Plaza incident occurred on Aug. 4 around midnight.

According to the police report from Atlanta’s Zone 2 Precinct, a woman was walking to her car after eating at Twist in Phipps Plaza.

The victim told police that she was approached by two unknown black men in their early 20′s as she approached her Silver 5 Series BMW.

One of the men yelled, “Give us your f*&#$ing car! ….give us your keys or I will f*&#$ing shoot you!” The suspects beat her to the ground, and continued striking her for about two minutes. They took her keys and purse, then sped out of the parking lot in her vehicle, headed west onto Peachtree Road. The men did not produce a weapon, according to the report.

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