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Avondale discusses salary range for ‘concierge’

Avondale Estates

Avondale discusses salary range for ‘concierge’

Ed Rieker
Mayor Ed Rieker

Mayor Ed Rieker

Mayor Ed Rieker wants to create a customer concierge position, someone who would walk permit applicants through the bureaucracy of city government.

“Maybe concierge is not the right word,” Rieker said during a July 23 work session. “Maybe it’s advocate …. Whatever it is, I’m trying to make sure that there’s no question in anybody’s mind that this is a customer service, customer friendly position.”

Commissioners examined a potential job description and discussed a potential salary, suggested to be $32,000 to $52,000.

City Manager Clai Brown said he asked the city’s current permitting contractor what it would cost to provide this as an additional service. He said it would cost the city about $80,000.

Brown and City Commissioners don’t dispute that the city’s permitting department is busier these days.

“Busy? We’re busy … We’re doing more permits than Doraville right now,” Brown said.  He said the city is averaging over 25 permits per month.

According to the draft of the job description,”The City Permitting Concierge is responsible for answering questions and assisting permittees, processing building permit applications, scheduling inspection requests, and routing plans for zoning/plan review for commercial/residential to appropriate City staff. This position reports to the City Manager.”

The minimum qualifications for the job are, “High School Diploma required. At least one (1) year of extensive public contact experience. Some experience in issuing permits/permitting processes and development services preferred.” The city will also accept an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Rieker said he wants metrics to measure the effectiveness of the new position, signs that the employee is reducing the time it takes to receive a permit.

Brown said he would tweak the qualifications for the job. He said he looked at more than a dozen cities and couldn’t find one with a similar “concierge” position.

To read the job description, click here.