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Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 19, 2014
A map showing the location of a proposed parking lot that will serve downtown Avondale Estates. Source: City of Avondale Estates

A map showing the location of a proposed parking lot that will serve downtown Avondale Estates. Source: City of Avondale Estates

The increase in businesses opening and relocating to downtown Avondale Estates is creating a demand for more parking, and the city will soon take another step to address that problem.

City Commissioners will hold their regular work session on Aug. 20 at 5:30 pm. The meeting will be held at 21 North Avondale Plaza and is open to the public.

Commissioners will be discussing the five responses to a request for proposal for designing a parking lot in a space the city will be leasing from MARTA. The space is less than one acre and located across from Savage Pizza, and is currently used for storage and staging by the Transit Authority.

According to the RFP, the lot should provide about 150 parking spaces for the city’s downtown. According to a Q&A published by the city, the city intends for the lease agreement with MARTA to be temporary.

“The lease agreement between the City and MARTA has not been executed but the estimated time frame is from 3-5 years, depending on adjacent development,” the Q&A says.

The city published its response to questions from competing bidders for the project. Here is the full Q&A, obtained from records posted on the city’s website.

Written Questions:

1. Under Proposal Format in the RFP (page 5) it states Bidder Response Form contains space for the name, address, telephone and fax for any sub-consultants. There is no place on the form for that information. Should a separate form be used for each sub-consultant? Please complete a form for each firm represented in the bid.

2. Under Intent it states that the lot will require a separate secure entrance for MARTA to the north of the proposed lot, on the same property. Just to clarify, does this mean that the MARTA entrance is to be from the new parking lot or a new entrance from the adjacent streets? MARTA requires a separate entrance along Laredo Drive or an adjacent street that makes design sense.

The entrance will not be from the new parking lot.

3. Can you elaborate on the ‘lighting needs for safety and security’ under Task 1 and Security Plan under Task 2? Is the level of security such that a special design consultant may be required (remote, wireless connection to MARTA HQ, alarms, etc.)? Or is it more simple in nature such as fencing, electronic gates, etc.? The City only requests a plan which shows the minimum amount of lighting for safety and security. There are no plans for remote, wireless connection to MARTA HQ or alarms. The City is only planning lighting for the proposed parking lot not the remainder of the lot controlled by MARTA.

4. Does each company on a proposing team need to complete the forms included in the RFP, specifically those forms on pages 9-13, or just a prime consultant on each submission? Yes, each firm needs to complete the forms.

5. Would the City consider extending the date for questions to after the pre-bid meeting in case other questions are generated from the site visit? Yes, the deadline has been extended to Wednesday, June 18th at 5:00 p.m.

6. Would the City add the date that answers will be available? Yes, the answers will be emailed to all pre-bid meeting attendees and persons who posed written questions on June 19th. This will also be posted on the City website.

7. Is there an estimated budget? No.

Verbal Questions:

1. Is there a timeframe for the lease and are there plans to make the parking lot permanent in the future? The City intends for this parking lot to be temporary. The lease agreement between the City and MARTA has not been executed but the estimated time frame is from 3-5 years, depending on adjacent development.

2. Who will the City work with for power? Georgia Power.

3. Are there any specifications on gates from MARTA? Yes, the gate must be 8’ tall with barbed wire on the top.

4. Is there a plan for aprons leading into the site? Yes, the consultant should plan to install aprons at both entrances sufficient to contain the gravel and keeping it from spilling into the roadway.

5. Will the formal topographic survey be required under Task 1? No, Task 1 is meant to provide a conceptual plan to determine the number of spaces and cost.

6. How does the City intend to deal with ADA? The City intends to meet ADA requirements where feasible. The required number and size of spaces and access shall be installed onsite but based on the likely cost it will be unreasonable and impracticable to provide an accessible route/path of travel meeting the ADA requirements from the proposed parking area to the businesses in and around the Central Business District and the Tudor Village. This would be a disproportionate cost compared to the entire project. The Consultant will be charged with providing a safe pedestrian route to the existing sidewalks as close to meeting the ADA as financially possible in the form of sidewalks.

This also includes any crosswalks needed. Close attention should be paid to designing the proposed sidewalks within the existing right-of-way wherever possible.

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