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Decatur High adds trailers, changes drop off plan


Decatur High adds trailers, changes drop off plan


The growth of Decatur High is leading to a change of plans in how parents are supposed to drop off and pick up their kids from school.

Classes resumed on Aug. 4. On Aug. 5, Duane Sprull with City Schools of Decatur sent a notice to parents saying CSD has added four more trailers to the parking lot of Decatur High.

“Please do not drop off in front of the main building in the bus lane,” the note from Sprull says.

Parents are now expected to drop their students off across the street from the Chick-Fil-A on McDonough Street, in front of the gym. Students will now be picked up at a new lot on Commerce Drive.

“Thank you for your understanding as we begin the expansion if the DHS Campus,” Sprull’s note says. “We will continue to make adjustments as needed to facilitate safety and efficiency of our campus.”

Here is the new pick up and drop off map, provided by CSD:

drop off