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Kirkwood calling – KNO will pester sign owners

Kirkwood and East Lake

Kirkwood calling – KNO will pester sign owners

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization recently decided to fight annoying signs with annoying phone calls.

During the recent KNO meeting, Zoning Committee member Stan Sugarman requested – and received – $150 to place robo calls to people who place “bandit” signs in Kirkwood.

“The ‘We Buy Houses’ people have started littering the neighborhood,” Sugarman said.

There are also numerous signs for buying junk cars, he said.

“We picked up 100 in July alone,” Sugarman said.

KNO President Jeffery Childers said other communities in Atlanta are dealing with a plague of placards.

“Illegal signs are a problem all over the city,” Childers said. “I pull down my share of signs and Stan claims he does too. The robo call would tell the person on the other end that the calls will stop once the signs are removed. Maybe this will hinder them? Keep Atlanta Beautiful is thinking of doing something similar.”

Maybe it’s a sign of things to come.