Morris Lounge gets new citation before court date

Posted by August 5, 2014
A picture of Hosea Williams, left, and Franklin Morris, right, that hangs in the Morris' Restaurant and Lounge in Kirkwood.

A picture of Hosea Williams, left, and Franklin Morris Sr., right, that hangs in the Morris’ Restaurant and Lounge in Kirkwood. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Morris Restaurant and Lounge in Kirkwood has received a new citation for playing music too loud, less than two weeks before a court appearance for a previous citation issued for the same reason.

The owners of the lounge and their neighbors have been feuding for months about the club’s activities. Morris Restaurant is a historically black-owned business that has been in business on Oakview Road since the 1960′s. The business is owned by the family of the late Franklin Morris, who neighbors say never gave them any trouble. Since his sons – Franklin and Roosevelt – took it over, the restaurant has gotten louder and rowdier, the neighbors say. The owners feel the neighbors are trying to run them out of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

Atlanta Police officers issued a citation to the lounge’s owners on April 5, and there was a court hearing on May 8. The judge ordered the two parties to return to him on Aug. 7 with a written agreement. Police officers went out to the Lounge again on July 25 and issued another citation.

Franklin B. Morris said on Aug. 5 that the two sides haven’t met to hammer out an agreement, and that he had no comment on the newest citation. The court date for that citation is August 11.

Derek Lawler is listed as the person who filed the complaint, but told Decaturish he isn’t the only person who called the police that evening.

“That Friday night, the music from the club was incredibly loud,” Lawler said. “It could be heard as far as five houses away, and I know of at least three different homeowners that called the police to get them to turn it down. After the police arrived, there was no change in the music level, so they were issued another citation. We’re still hopeful that the club owners make changes to ensure that their music can’t be heard on our properties.”

Lawler recently penned a letter to the editor about the Morris Lounge case. You can read it by clicking here.


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