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Sen. Carter responds to gay marriage editorial

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Sen. Carter responds to gay marriage editorial

State Sen. Jason Carter, D-42
State Sen. Jason Carter, D-42

State Sen. Jason Carter, D-42

State Senator and Democratic nominee for governor Jason Carter caught heat from members of the gay and lesbian community for not being vocal enough about issues that are important to them.

Today, Carter answered questions in a lengthy interview with Creative Loafing. He clarified his position on gay marriage – he’s for it – while saying he’s not sure what all the fuss is about.

Project Q Atlanta ran an article on Aug. 1 about a private fundraising event for Carter held on July 31. It was hosted by members of the LGBT community. According to the Project Q story, people who attended the event say Carter didn’t talk about gay marriage during the event.

To read the full Project Q article, click here.

That inspired an Aug. 5 editorial in The GA Voice, taking Carter to task for not voicing strong enough support for the issue.

“Many LGBT people say Jason Carter is obviously the best choice over Gov. Nathan Deal despite his silence so far on our issues,” author Dyana Bagby wrote. “I’m not here to argue he isn’t. If there is one thing I do know it’s that Nathan Deal needs to go. I am here to argue that silence is poisonous to our movement. Jason Carter can say whatever he wants to individuals but until he comes out and publicly states how he recognizes our issues, including marriage, then he is hurting all of us.”

To read the full editorial, click here.

Carter told Creative Loafing that he’s a little baffled by the whole thing.

“I have, for a very long time, supported marriage equality. … I didn’t understand [the Georgia Voice’s editorial],” Carter said. “Everybody who knows me knows where I stand on the issue.”

They certainly do now, if they didn’t before.

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