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Zone 6 – Victim shot during robbery in Kirkwood

Kirkwood and East Lake

Zone 6 – Victim shot during robbery in Kirkwood

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia commons

The following reports were provided by Atlanta Police Department’s Zone 6 precinct for the week ending July 26. The reports are presumed to be accurate.


On July 20, police received a report about a robbery at 86 Warren Street. Two victims told police they were hanging out with the suspect, who became angry and suddenly left. The suspect returned and was upset about something. He demanded the first victim take everything out of his pockets, which amounted to about $20. He then turned to the second victim and told him to empty his pockets. The second victim didn’t have anything, and the suspect shot him in the leg. The suspect then walked southbound on Warren Street, got into a brown Lexus and headed south on Hosea L. Williams Avenue. Witnesses told police the suspect goes by the name, “Jay Rat” and he has an outstanding warrant for a probation violation in Hall County.

On July 24, police received a report of an attempted pedestrian robbery on Memorial Drive Southeast. According to the report, three juveniles tried to take the victim’s book bag, cell phone and other belongings by striking him repeatedly in the head. The victim fought back and knocked out one of the suspects’ tooth, and they backed off. But the suspects returned on July 25 to rob him again.

On July 24, police saw a man walking down Sisson Avenue with a wrapped UPS package. The man tried to hide behind a work truck. When the officer stopped him, he also found he had a U.S. Treasury Check that didn’t belong to him, as well as someone else’s credit card. Police returned the package to its owner.


There were three robberies near Hardee Street apartments in Edgewood.

The first occurred on July 22. A suspect wielding a gun took a purse full of money, bank cards and other personal information. There were no injuries reported. Then on July 24, there was a robbery of a pedestrian at the same location. The victim told police that he was robbed at gunpoint while he and his sister were on their way back home from the store. He said six unknown men approached him. One pointed a gun at him and demanded his wallet. He turned over the wallet and the men ran into the apartment’s court yard. The suspects got away with $50 in cash. On July 25, a victim at the Hardee Street Apartments told police that a suspect reached into his pants pocket, took $300 in cash and gave the wallet back. The suspect knocked the victim’s cell phone out of his hand when he tried to call the police. The victim went home and called the police. According to the incident report, the officers “did not take a report because they did not believe his story.”

Officers received a report of an aggravated assault on July 25 on Vannoy Street. The victim told police that she met the suspect on Facebook and agreed to hang out with him. She’d met with him before and had a bad experience with his grandmother, who lives at the location. She told the suspect after 20 minutes that she was ready to leave because she felt uncomfortable around his grandmother. According to the report, the suspect forced the victim and her daughter back into the den and held her against her will overnight. The suspect broke the victim’s phone by throwing it against a wall, the report says. The suspect let the victim go the next morning after she threatened to tell police about the incident. The victim said she was injured in her leg, neck and face. Police said she had a bruise on the left side of her forehead.