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KNO – Apartment development, lounge on agenda


KNO – Apartment development, lounge on agenda

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization meets Wednesday, Sept. 10, and KNO members will weigh in on a proposed apartment project and voice concerns about a local lounge.

According to KNO President Jeffery Childers, the KNO will vote on whether it will support a rezoning application from Euramex Management. The company is proposing a development of 250 to 260 apartments behind Kirkwood Station. The company has the adjacent apartments along Bixby Street under contract. If the project moves forward, those apartments would be razed and replaced by apartments that would lease for an average of $1,400 a month.

Euramex is making some big moves in this area. In addition to the Kirkwood project the company is acquiring properties in Avondale Estates, including the 13-acre Fenner Dunlop property and the former “erector set” building. The company needs to rezone the Bixby apartments from R4 (single family residential) to MR-3 (multi-family residential), Childers says.

A representative from Georgia Power will be at the meeting to discuss complaints that residents have about activities at the Morris Restaurant and Lounge on Oakview Road. The business leases a parking lot from the power company. The business has been in the neighborhood since the 60s, but neighbors say that the club’s activities have been a problem since the sons of the original owner took it over. The Morris family says they feel the neighbors are trying to run the business out of the neighborhood. The neighbors said they’d just like the club to be a little quieter.

It looked as though the lounge owners and the neighbors had reached an agreement on Aug. 14, when a Municipal Court Judge accepted the terms of a tentative agreement to resolve complaints about noise. Then, two days later, Atlanta Police responded to a call about an assault at the club. The victim of the assault, Franklin Morris, and the suspect, Roosevelt Morris, are brothers and part of the family that owns the lounge. Franklin declined to press charges.

Childers said the representative from Georgia Power, Mitchell King, will “discuss neighbors’ concerns about the vacant parking lot next to Morris’ Lounge.” King told Decaturish in June that the company had investigated complaints about the parking lot and decided to keep the lease agreement, while noting there were a “few issues” the owners needed to address.

The KNO meets at 7 pm at Turner Monumental AME Church, located at 66 Howard Street Northeast, Atlanta, 30317.


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